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Novembrrrr at Fusion

The lights are going on earlier, we've given in to the urge to pop the heating on and suddenly there's a craving for hot soup. Yes, November's here and with it comes the excitement (or dread) of Christmas being just around the corner. Boy is this year's Christmas going to be a different one!

Fusion's Christmas gift vouchers will be available from 1st Nov and we'll be adding some scrummy Christmas gifts to the retail range.

This month's blog sees common client questions, the latest trends and, of course, a few lovely treats to keep you going.

See you soon. 

Lisa x


Skin Focus-

Broken Capillaries

AKA red veins; spider veins; dilated capillaries; telangeictasia, spider naevi

What are they?

They are tiny red marks in the skin, found anywhere on the body. On the face they are usually seen around the nose, on the cheeks and on the chin, and can give a ruddy red complexion.

These small blood vessels are damaged and are no longer capable of carrying blood effectively.

What causes them?

The ones on your face tend to be caused by:

  • Trauma e.g. picking at spots, scrubbing at the skin, or receiving a facial injury

  • Too much internal pressure on the walls of the blood vessels e.g. high blood pressure or blowing your nose hard

  • Extremes of heat e.g. walking in the cold, using saunas for too long or sunbathing

You may also have an inherited weakness meaning that you are more likely to develop them.

Click photo to read more about how to prevent and effectively remove them...


Massage Corner -

Back Pain

Any health practitioner will tell you that pain is an indicator of a healthy body. It's your body's way of trying to limit what you do to allow time for healing to take place. Unfortunately, some painful conditions become a viscous cycle of inflammation, restricted movement, disturbed sleep and lead to further physical and mental ailments.

Everything from your genetics and the type of job you do, to the lifestyle you choose affects your body's health and its ability to repair itself. 

For example, if there's a history of arthritis in your family, chances are you're going to be more prone to joint pain. If you are sat slumped over a desk for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, you can bet your hips, lower back and shoulders will suffer. If you're overweight and do little exercise your muscles will be less able to support your joints. If you're experiencing stress your pain threshold drops so pain becomes more of an issue. Add to this any injuries you've sustained through life (such as falling down the slide when you were a kid or whiplash from a car crash) and you will have scar tissue and possibly misaligned joints which can cause problems later on in life.

What exactly is pain?

Why do so many of us

get back pain?

Ways to manage pain.

Treatment for painful conditions.

Click photo and read on...

Pain Management.png

November & December Offers

Incentives to get those aches & pains treated, invest in your skin and nails, and treat your mental health

  • IBX natural nail strengthening for split and flaking nails - Book one and get your second half price

  • Book a 40-min massage slot and get a free upgrade to 60-min

  • Book a 60-min advanced electro' facial and get a free upgrade to 75-min

  • Book a capillary removal treatment and get a LED phytotherapy skin rejuvenation treatment free

Click image for full details...



From Thur 5th Nov the salon will close temporarily, in line with the lockdown requirements across England. Until then we will be open 2nd to 4th Nov from early till late to ensure that we can facilitate your appointments.

Throughout lockdown we will still be available for advice & guidance, gift vouchers and retail gifts and products.

As ever, we're on 'it' in the salon with hygiene precautions being highest priority. Appointments for the clinic rooms are carefully managed to ensure that they are disinfected and aired well before your visit. 

Thanks to all of our amazing clients that have helped us to continue to meet legal requirements by completing health questionnaires and by following salon procedures. It's reassuring to know we have your ongoing support.

Click image to go to Fusion's salon current Covid status & policy ...


Fusion on YouTube

Seeing what actual happens in Fusion's treatments


I'm a great believer that, as customers, we should know exactly what we're getting when we purchase something. This is why I include technical names of treatments in our service menus. 


Many of the treatments included in our services are complex and let's face it have names that are hard to pronounce, never mind remember. Fusion's website has pages of info' relating to our services but not everyone wants to spend their time reading up on what's what. And so the idea of using videos to show what's involved in our treatments was born. 


Thanks to all that offered to model for Fusion videos. There have been 3 recordings completed so far and one release on YouTube which has proven a hit (going by the appointments booked). It's early days but over the months ahead it'll grow and I will get less shy of the camera and better at editing (hopefully).


If you've not already checked it out search 'Fusion Southport' on YouTube (or just click on photo below), hit that subscribe button and give us a thumbs up.



Tips for treating increased skin flare ups due to wearing masks

What's causing it?

The warmth of your skin along with moisture from your breathe is promoting the growth of naturally occurring bacteria. Add in increased sensitivity from friction and prolonged wearing of masks and you have the perfect environment for Mask-ne!


What you can do about it…

• Change or wash your mask more often than your undies

• If you wear foundation, use a mineral powder based make-up. It's less irritating and wont promote warmth on the skin. Or just avoid make-up on the lower areas of your face

• Don’t stop wearing SPF!


Click image and read on...


New Opening Times

Are you an Early Bird or a

Night Owl?

Fusion now has even more early morning and evening appointments.


Many of you will know that before lockdown I was also employed full time, outside the salon. I took a sabbatical at the end of Feb 2020 and after just one week decided my joy of the salon outweighed any financial incentives elsewhere.


Since opening the salon back up in July I've been able to gauge everyone's general need for appointment days and times and think we've got a fantastic range of opening times.

Extended opening: The salon will be open from early till late 2nd to 4th Nov to facilitate your appointments prior to lockdown.

If you need an appointment time outside of our listed working hours please just ask - if we're available we'll be there for you.

Click image to find available appointment slots...

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