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Salon Policies & Polite Notices


We hate rules as much as you but in order for us to keep providing high quality services and treatments at the competitive rates that we do, there has to be some mutual agreements between Fusion and its customers.

Access to the salon

Please be aware that there are two steps at the entrance to the salon and our beauty, aesthetics, massage, and podiatry rooms are located down a flight of stairs. If you have a physical disability and are concerned about accessing the salon please get in touch and we will do everything we reasonably can to facilitate you.

Our salon insurances do not cover us physically supporting clients to get to and from the salon. This means that if a member of the team injures their self or causes a client to become injured outside the salon, we are not covered for claims. For this reason we politely ask clients to bring assistance to help them get to and from the salon, if needed. We really do care about our clients but no one in the salon must put the business at risk due to claims.

Children & Pets

We love your cherubs and furry friends too, however the salon isn't the place for them to visit unless they have an appointment for themselves. For many the salon is seen as a sanctuary for getting away from the stresses of the world. For some this includes getting away from their own kids. Also, some of our clients have pet allergies.

If you require the use of an assistance dog please get in touch and we'll arrange an appropriate appointment time.

Skin Patch Testing

We are not insured to carry out some services without a skin patch test. This isn't a rule we've made up to make your life harder; it's out of our control. Your safety has to be our top priority.

In cases where a skin patch test is required e.g. eye treatments, we ask that you pop in the salon 24 - 48 hours prior to your appointment. The test takes a minute to do but could save your sight and/or skin from serious harm.

Don't get your knickers in a twist if you turn up for a treatment and we can't do it because you've failed to come in for a patch test.

Cancellation Policy and Punctuality

Hey, we've all been there...You've got an appointment and suddenly... the dog goes missing, traffic is being a bitch, work delays you, or there's a sudden emergency. All we ask is that you do your best to arrive on time and if you have to cancel let us know at the earliest opportunity so that we have opportunity to refill your appointment slot.

We reserve the right to charge you up to 50% of the cost of your treatment/service if you give us less than 24 hour notice when cancelling an appointment or you fail to attend your appointment slot.

Consultation and Unavoidable Outcomes

OK, so you've booked your appointment and you're super excited. You get to the salon and eagerly get ready for some much awaited pampering. Suddenly a member of staff informs you that we can't go ahead with your treatment. This happens more frequently than you might imagine.

 A service may not be provided if:

 (1) You have a medical complaint that is listed as at risk of worsening or causing other

      problems, if the proposed service is provided

 (2) You've had a reaction to a skin patch test that tells us that you're sensitive to the


 (3) You have a condition that could cross contaminate to other staff or customers


Your stylist / therapist will endeavour to provide you with an explanation for why you can't receive the service, that day

We hate to disappoint our clients, never mind losing business and we will do everything we can to provide you with a safely modified or alternative service. However, in some cases we cannot go ahead without a medical referral, or at all.

As professionals we're bound by a code of professional practice and ethics, not to mention restrictions placed on us by insurance companies.



We want to provide you competitive rates on all of our services. To do this we calculate our prices on a 'cash payment' basis. We also welcome BAC transfer payments. Please ask for our BAC details when making your booking. If you'd rather pay by card we accept the majority of credit and debit cards...


May be a bit old fashioned but we love cash! Not because we're trying to hide takings from the Tax Man but because we have to pay a percentage of each payment to the card processing company :(

card payment

Deposits and pre-paid packages or bundles

We reserve the right to request a deposit for treatments / services booked during busier times such as Christmas, prom season, summer etc. Deposits are also requested under the following circumstances:

  • Bookings for long appointment slots

  • Bookings for treatments/services costing £50 or more

  • Appointments scheduled outside our advertised business hours

  • When you are new to Fusion-Southport

  • If you didn't show up for your previous appointment

When a deposit is requested your booking cannot be secured until we receive your payment. 


Deposits and pre-payments for services, treatments,  packages or bundles are non-refundable or transferable. It is important that our customers are fully aware that any payments made upfront are immediately absorbed into the business and therefore not available to be refunded if there's suddenly a change of mind or circumstances. By making payment you are entering into a contractual agreement.


Please speak to Zena (hairdressing) or Lisa (beauty, health & aesthetics) if you have any concerns.

Recommendations for Improvements and Complaints

Got a recommendation for how we can improve our service? Don't tell your friends and family... tell us. The salon is our livelihood and we take professional and personal pride in what we do.

If you have a comment or complaint we want to hear it.


Hairdressing salon comments and complaints should be directed to: Zena Mann, 49 Tithebarn Road Southport PR86AG or

Health, Beauty and Aesthetic service comments and complaints should be directed to: Lisa Sharples-Rimmer, 49 Tithebarn Road Southport PR86AG or

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