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With its multiple benefits, Dry Skin Brushing is making a big comeback


Your skin is your largest organ, so it deserves to be tended to properly. In our quest for optimum skin health we often focus on the face alone without giving much of a second thought for what we put on and do to the skin of our body. 

What is Dry Skin Brushing?

It’s pretty much how it sounds. Using special hand-held brushes on dry skin to bring about a range of benefits. The brushes are made with bristles that are rigid enough to bring about benefits without causing micro-tears in your skin or causing damage.


So, what’s the big deal about Dry Skin Brushing?

It’s super easy and affordable to get started with. You just need to follow a couple of instructions for treatment to not only improve the appearance and feel of your skin, but have benefits on the deeper structures and systems of your body.

Depending on where you apply Dry Skin Brushing you can expect the following…

  • Exfoliation - removal of dead skin cells leaving your skin feeling smoother

  • Pore cleansing - By removing dead skin cells, blockage-prone pores are cleared and open pores reduce in size

  • Improved skin condition and appearance – Increased micro-circulation in the skin promotes healthier skin cell development

  • Detox – The way Dry Skin Brushing is applied specifically impacts your lymphatic (detox) system. Your body will thank you as your energy is boosted

  • Cellulite reducing – A daily combination of increased blood circulation and lymphatic drainage works to reduce the appearance of cellulite

  • Improved blood circulation – The treatment has an immediate effect but also continues to work for a number of hours afterwards

  • Reduced water retention - Many people see a change in body shape which is a knock-on effect of increased lymphatic drainage

  • Mood lifting - Pampering yourself and practicing proper self-care can reduce stress, boost confidence and lift your mood right. Over time, you’ll begin to see positive mental health benefits.

Skin Brushing_edited.jpg

Which Skin Brush do I need?

​​Round and large oval shaped brushes are available. The type of brush comes down to your own personal preference. If you’re new to skin brushing start off using just one brush. Once you master the technique introduce using a second brush, alternating the brushes as you stroke. This gives faster results and reduces the time you need to brush the skin.

Techniques for Success

​​Here are three rules to get the very best results from Dry Skin Brushing:

(1) No pressure – Stroke over the skin with as little pressure as possible. Your lymphatic system responds better to light pressure and deep strokes just provokes your body to become red and hot as it floods the tissues with blood in defence.

(2) Stroke towards the heart – Using a repetitive stroking action upwards towards the head or heart encourages the best lymphatic drainage which removes excess fluid and initiates your own detox system to function better. Use the diagram below to help you.

(3) Work briskly – Light fast movements stimulate your nervous system which in turn stimulates your blood and lymphatic system. Expect to feel a bit clumsy when you first start dry brushing so slow down a little until you develop your technique. In time you will speed up without increasing the level of pressure.

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