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Tips for treating skin flare ups due to wearing masks

What's causing it?

The warmth of your skin along with moisture from your breathe is promoting the growth of naturally occurring bacteria. Add in increased sensitivity from friction and prolonged wearing of masks and you have the perfect environment for Mask-ne!


What you can do about it…

Change or wash your mask more often than your undies

• If you wear foundation, use a mineral powder based make-up. It's less irritating and wont promote warmth on the skin. Or just avoid make-up on the lower areas of your face

• Don’t stop wearing SPF!

• Lessen your use of other creams on the face. Use a facewash twice a day, such as Crystal Clear or Epionce (available in salon)

• Take time to relax - Stress plays havoc with skin

• Make sure you’re taking in enough antioxidants – Vitamins C, E & K

• Drink water!

• Hydrate your skin at least once each week with a good quality face mask/treatment

Avoid overuse of exfoliators – you’re just going to make your skin more vulnerable and the condition will get worse


If you're struggling to get on top of your skin's condition book a facial - Fusion offers a range of clinically proven skin irritation and acne-type treatments, including No-Contact LED therapy. Message us or book online.

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