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Corona Virus / COVID-19 

Fusion's Customer Access Policy,

Advice, Guidance & Reassurance

Updated:  14th Feb 2022

As restrictions are lifted Fusion staff are continuing to maintain high standards of hygiene and taking preventative measures. Beauty staff are still wearing masks for close personal contact work e.g. facials, eye treatments. Chairs, treatment tables etc. are still being sanitised after each use, and disposable gloves are worn for all health, beauty and aesthetic treatments. We really hope that this reassures you of your safety when visiting us.

In addition, despite the lifting of self-isolation measures, we will self-isolate if we test positive to covid and inform you at the earliest opportunity if you have a booking with us. This is because, like many of you, we have vulnerable friends and relatives of our own and we do not want to play a part in spreading the virus.


Latest Covid-19 Understanding and UK Government Advice

Up to date information can be found here:  UK Gov Advice


The Latest News for the Southport area

Detailed news and guidance can be found here: My Sefton

​The Latest News from the NHS

Detailed news and guidance (including testing) can be found here: NHS

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