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Blemish Removal Gallery

Vascular Condition Treatment

Fusion offers highly successful, fast and affordable options for removal of a range of skin blemishes including:

  • Broken capillaries / red veins

  • Blood spots

  • Skin tags

  • Age spots

  • Raised skin lesions

Lisa's been treating skin blemishes for over 15 years so you know you're in safe and experienced hands.

Book a consultation today to get advice on treatments for removal.

Some skin blemishes may require a medical diagnosis from your GP before treatment.


  • Book a consultation to get expert advice on a suitable approach to removal of skin blemishes

  • Always use an SPF product on your skin even on dull days

  • Having LED phototherapy treatments alongside capillary removal treatment reduces redness, promotes faster healing, boosts skin rejuvenation and provides a healthier complexion

Broken Capillaries, Spider Naevi & Blood Spots 

AKA red veins; spider veins; dilated capillaries; telangeictasia; Campbell de Morgan spots, cherry angiomas

What are they? 

They are tiny red marks in the skin, found anywhere on the body. On the face they are usually seen around the nose, on the cheeks and on the chin, and can give a ruddy red complexion. They are small blood vessels that are damaged and are no longer capable of carrying your blood effectively.

What causes them? 

The ones on your face tend to be caused by:

  • Trauma e.g. picking at spots, scrubbing at the skin, or receiving a facial injury

  • Too much internal pressure on the walls of the blood vessels e.g. high blood pressure or blowing your nose hard

  • Extremes of heat e.g. walking in the cold, using saunas for too long or sunbathing

You may have an inherited weakness meaning that you are more likely to develop them.

How to prevent them 

Obviously avoid all of the above, where possible. That doesn't mean you have to stop walking the dog on bitterly cold mornings - just remember to protect yourself by wearing a hat & scarf. 

  • Reduce your alcohol intake if you have high blood pressure. 

Avoid anything that reduces the strength of your skin:

  • Always wear an SPF product on exposed skin. Damage caused by the sun (even on a dull day) has a dramatic weakening effect on the skin and so it cannot protect underlying blood capillaries as well.

  • Kick a smoking habit

  • Avoid skin products that contain alcohol

How to get rid of them 

By using vitamin C products on the skin you will help to reduce the appearance of raised capillaries. They will still be there but as the skin starts to hold more water it thickens and camouflages anything underneath. ​Pro: affordable and easy to do; Con: it doesn't actually get rid of them


Laser or IPL (Intense Pulse Light) - Both of these light therapy treatments are effective in removing broken capillaries. If you opt for these light treatments make sure to do your research and use a clinic that specialises in red vein removal. Pros: Treatments are fast, permanent and really work.  Cons: The skin is red after treatment, it's costly and can take up to 6 months to start to see results

Fusion's Blemish Removal. Using Diathermy along with a couple of other applications our Blemish removal service treats the damaged capillaries quickly and effectively. Pros: Treatments are fast, relatively inexpensive (when compared to laser and IPL), permanent and really work. Results are seen within weeks. Cons: The skin is red immediately after treatment and you mustn't get the treated area wet for a few days after treatment.

Other types of Skin Blemishes also treated at Fusion-Southport 

Book a consultation today to get advice on treatments for removal.

Some skin blemishes may require a medical diagnosis from your GP before treatment.

Cost of broken capillary removal at Fusion-Southport

Consultation: Free of charge

Patch test (one or two small capillaries are treated to test suitability of treatment): £20

Full treatment: 15-min £58 / 30-min £78

Top up (within 3 months of final treatment):£48

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