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and we're back!...again

Stop...start...stop... start. I feel a naughty child that keeps getting grounded. The good news is that we're being allowed out to play again. The salon opens for business as usual on Wed 2nd Dec. and we're hoping to bring some festive cheer your way.

Don't forget to get your gift vouchers for your loved ones and friends. We have Christmas gift cards in salon and e-vouchers are available through the website.

This month's blog sees common client questions, the latest trends and, of course, a few lovely treats to keep you going.

See you soon. 

Lisa x


Skin Focus- 

Dermaplaning Myths

Dermaplaning is a precision treatment where dead skin cells are lifted away and vellus hairs (those fine peach fuzz hairs that we all have) are removed using a sterile surgical blade. Sound scary? - I promise it's not.


It is a great choice if your make-up isn’t giving you a fresh clean finish, or if you want to get maximum absorption of your skin serums or creams.

I've been teaching and performing dermaplaning for a number of years now and hear the same myths being thrown around. Here are a few of those Dermaplaning Myths addressed.

Myth: Dermaplaning will cause hair to grow back thicker and darker


Those fine vellus hairs on your face are different from any strong dark ones (called terminal hairs). A vellus hair cannot turn into a terminal hair.

The most common reason for this myth is that with dermaplaning you quickly become accustom to having super smooth hair free skin and forget the feel and appearance of having hair on the face.

Click photo to read more about Dermaplaning myths...


Massage Corner -

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a condition where you have pain around your heel and arch of your foot. The discomfort and immobility affects walking and standing, and it can seem like it is never going to heal.

What exactly is plantar fasciitis?

What causes it?

Treatment of plantar fasciitis.

Click photo and read on...


Opening Times

Appointments for early birds

and Night Owls

The salon will be open right up until Christmas eve. We will close between 25th and 29th Dec.

Click image to find available appointment slots...

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Gift ideas

Whether you're looking for a stocking filler or a luxury gift, we have the solution.

  • Gift vouchers to show you care

  • E-Vouchers for the person in your life that needs everything on their phone

  • Re-usable cotton pads for the eco-warriors in your life

  • Epionce and Crystal Clear gorgeous no-fuss skin wash and cleansers for him and her

  • Epionce luxurious skin nutrition creams for when you want to totally indulge someone special


We'll gift wrap for you to save your precious time and deliver directly to you if you're in Southport area (just get in touch to arrange).

Click photo for E-Vouchers & Gifts...


Fusion on YouTube

Seeing what actually happens

in Fusion's treatments


This month's YouTube video gives you a glimpse into Fusion's Cryotherapy Ice Globe facial

If you've not already checked it out search 'Fusion Southport' on YouTube (or just click on photo below), hit that subscribe button and give us a thumbs up.


IBX Permanent Natural

Nail Strengthening

If you've taken the plunge and left off those acrylic nails that you thought you'd never be able to live without, you're probably looking to improve the health and appearance of your newly exposed natural nails.


IBX is the solution for persistent flaking, damaged and weak nails. This is not your usual superficial paint on nail strengthener. IBX is a treatment that penetrates into the natural nail to build strength inside the nail.

This 15-30 minute service focuses on repair and strengthening, and remains in the nails until they grow out.

If this is something you're interested in take advantage of Fusion's December special offer and get those nails in shape for New Year.

Click photo for IBX video...


December Offers

Incentives to get those aches & pains treated, invest in your skin and nails, and treat your mental health. 

Because of the 2nd lockdown,  November's special offers have been extended into December.

  • IBX natural nail strengthening for split and flaking nails - Book one and get your second half price

  • Book a 40-min massage slot and get a free upgrade to 60-min

  • Book a 60-min advanced electro' facial and get a free upgrade to 75-min

  • Book a capillary removal treatment and get a LED phytotherapy skin rejuvenation treatment free

Click image for full details...

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