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Dermaplaning Myths

Dermaplaning Myths

Lisa has been teaching and performing dermaplaning for a number of years and she hears the same myths being thrown around. Here are a few of those Dermaplaning Myths addressed.

Myth: Dermaplaning will cause facial hair to grow back thicker or darker


Those fine vellus hairs on your face are different from any strong terminal ones that are dark or strong. A vellus hair cannot turn into a terminal hair. The most common reason for this myth is that with dermaplaning you quickly become accustom to having super smooth hair free skin and forget the feel and appearance of having hair on the face.


Myth: Dermaplaning causes spots

Nope... it doesn't!

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive treatment that when performed professionally cannot introduce damage or spot bacteria. Following aftercare advice ensures that you get maximum effectiveness of treatment.

The most common reason for spots developing is the irresistible urge to stroke the skin because it feels so smooth and soft after the treatment. That’s fine if you wash your hands first! Stroking the skin with unwashed hands introduces spot forming bacteria.

Another reason for developing spot is over-application of products after treatment. With dermaplaning I am removing the dead skin and hairy barriers, so your skin is more ready to accept, absorb and respond to products. You won’t need use the usual amount of serum or moisturiser, in fact using too much can block your pores, causing spots.

Myth: Dermaplaning is painful

Nah - rubbish!

Goodness know where this myth came from. I wonder if people get it confused with derma-blading (brow tattooing). Dermaplaning is extremely gentle with nothing more than a brushing sensation over the skin.


Myth: Dermaplaning is no good for sensitive skin


If your sensitive skin is the result of acne type break outs then yes, dermaplaning is not for you. However, for anyone else dermaplaning is one of the gentlest ways to remove dead skin and vellus hair from the face and neck.

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