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September 2021 blog

I recently read an article about how scientists have shown that our mood can change with the seasons, as well as our metabolism (apparently it’s easier to gain weight in the winter). Human gene and immune system activity is also thought to change with the seasons. So. as we go into autumn I'll be blaming everything on Mother Nature! As we venture into a new season it's normal to feel changes in our mental or physical state. If however the impact is really significant you may want to look into whether you are affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder. It's a real condition which is treatable.

August at the salon seemed to pass in the blink of an eye as we've all been busy just doing our thing. If you've been in the salon on Thursdays or Fridays chances are that you will have met Viktoriya, our new team member. She's gone down an absolute hit with those that have been to see her for clinical foot therapy or gel nail treatments, so far.

Sending our teacher clients the best of luck as they return to a fresh term at work. I'll be thinking of you and not envying you ;).

I hope you find something of interest and use in this month's blog.

Hope to see you very soon 

Lisa x

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Foot Health Clinic
- Wart Removal

In addition to our existing Diathermy wart / verruca removal service, from September we will be offering a new treatment called Verrutop.


Verrutop is a revolutionary topical solution for professional use only providing painless treatment of difficult warts that is highly effective in just a few applications. Verrutop is a great alternative for those clients who have an extremely low tolerance to discomfort or are diabetic, both of which make you unsuitable for our diathermy treatment. 

The cost of treatment is comparable with diathermy treatment costing £48 (requiring usually just one treatment) and Verrutop costing £15 (requiring approximately three treatments).

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September Offers

  • Reflexology + mini pedicure (cut, file, massage & polish) £50

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Keep forgetting to drop by the salon for your skin care supplies? No worries - a growing number of goodies are available to order online. Let us do the running for you.

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Skin Focus
- Stress and your Skin

If you're a facial or waxing client of mine you may have heard me talk about how relaxation helps to open the skin's pores and can help me do my job better. Well, evolving research is revealing a close relationship between the brain and the skin. When our bodies experience stress, the brain triggers the release of a specific set of hormones (significantly cortisol and adrenaline). Excess stress hormone levels have a profound impact on your skin, leading to both short and long-term changes. When you're going through a stressful time, you can see this reflected in the look and feel of your skin. 


The skin not only responds to stress hormones released elsewhere in the body, but it also secretes them itself in response to the stress. Stress hormones act directly on the skin and can alter skin cell growth, increase sebum and inflammation, and impair the skin’s immunity.


In the short term, stress hormones can be beneficial, helping us cope and deal with situations. However, with prolonged exposure to stress (emotional, physical, chemical and even external from pollution) the whole system becomes unregulated. One of the impacts of this is the sustained production of cortisol.


Compounded over time, high concentrations of cortisol are shown to compromise immunity and skin barrier function. This can result in a dull, fatigued appearance and aggravated signs of ageing such as lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity. It has also been directly linked to both the development and flare ups of skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.


DNA damage, shortening of chromosomes and glycation (causing your skin to not hold sufficient moisture) may also be triggered by the skin’s response to stress. Research suggests the body’s inflammatory response to psychological stress is one of the factors causing free radical damage, which is thought to be responsible for many of the signs of ageing.

Stressed skin can be soothed with relaxing treatments that help the mind unwind at the same time. Skincare products with targeted ingredients that treat the visible signs of stress will help.

Antioxidants (in your diet and skin care) are crucial in helping to protect the skin from free radical damage and environmental aggressors.


If you have any concerns about your skin get in touch or book a skin consultation (free of charge) to get some honest transparent guidance.

Fusion's pamper facial includes a shoulder and neck massage.... mmm!

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Massage Corner -

Reflexology stimulates the organs and systems of the body by massaging and treating specific points on the feet, hands and ears. Reflexology promotes your body to regenerate and heal itself.

Here are some common complaints that our clients have used reflexology to treat:

  • Stress related issues

  • Inability to let go of emotions

  • Disturbed sleep and insomnia

  • Constipation

  • Headaches

  • Anxiety

  • Some pain conditions

  • Lack of energy


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