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General After-Treatment Advice

We hope you had a wonderful experience during your visit for reflexology therapy.


This treatment is particularly potent as it stimulates your body's own healing systems and as such may bring about some unexpected outcomes, especially if you are new to reflexology or haven't received a treatment in a long time.


All the following are positive symptoms that your body has commenced a healing process in which it rids itself of excess or unwanted elements. You may experience one or more of the following but symptoms should not last more than 48 hours after which the feel-good benefits will surface:

  • Symptoms of illness make get worse before getting better

  • Excess emotional release e.g. feeling irritated or weepy

  • Urine may be darker or have an odour

  • You may need to empty your bowels more frequently

  • Headache

  • Migraine (if you are a migraine sufferer)

  • Restlessness / Inability to sleep

  • Feeling fatigued / sluggish

  • Increased perspiration

To encourage the maximum benefits from treatment and limit the impact of the 'contra-actions' listed above, we recommend the following aftercare advice:

  • Drink water... lots of it!

  • Give yourself time for meaningful rest - This is where you focus your mind and body on true relaxation. Watching TV or reading a book doesn't count

  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine for at least 48 hours

  • Try to avoid / reduce smoking

  • Do not eat a heavy or spicy meal immediately after treatment

  • Move without exerting yourself for the remainder of the day. Avoid strenuous exercise but keep your body moving so that your lymphatic (detox) system is stimulated

  • Review your diet - are you getting enough fresh food in it?

If you have any questions or concerns in the days following your treatment don't hesitate getting in touch. Just click the 'ask a question' button at the top of this page.

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