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May 2021 blog

It's great to be back!


Thank you for the warm welcome back. It's been a joy to see those of you that have managed to get in to the salon.


In addition to the returning clients (that have been greeted as dearly missed friends) it's been incredible to see the 15+ new clients join us in just the last three weeks! If you've recommended Fusion to someone - thank you so much.


I am now in the salon most days as well as evenings and Sundays so there's always a slot for your treatments. Don't put it off... book some rejuvenating therapy now while you're thinking about it.

Massage / Facial therapy /

Nail strengthening /

Blemish removal / 

Pedicure / Waxing /

Lash & Brow lifting & tinting / Microneedling / Skin peels

Looking forward to pampering you 

Lisa x


May Offers

- Up to £30 off Epionce clinical skin care

Stock Clearance

Epionce have set the bar for the highest clinical study standards in the physician-strength skin care market. It's for this reason it's a firm favourite in the salon.


I'm having a stock clear out. There are significant discounts on Epionce stock so don't miss out.

Message me to reserve your chosen products. Payment in cash or BAC transfer please.

See bottom of page for full details of Epionce products and discounts...


Heated Lash Lift

I've ordered just 30 sets of these so grab one for yourself and maybe one for your best friend, before they've gone!   £18

  • Long lasting lift and curl

  • Temperature indicator for quality results

  • Compact & portable

Message me to order.

Payment in cash or BAC transfer please.

Click image to message or just text me


Covid-19 related news

On her recent visit to Fusion, a client informed me that there are no new cases of corona virus in Southport hospital where she's spent a heartbreaking year nursing covid patients. This is encouraging news but it also reminds me how easy it is to forget the trauma of the last 12+ months unless you've been directly affected by the pandemic. The detrimental effects are all too clear to see in the physical and mental health of medical staff and carers. A number of hospital staff have been to see me for treatment, with anxiety, stress, facial sores (from needing to wear masks tight to the skin for long periods) and overall fatigue, and it's a privilege to bring some much needed remedial therapy their way.

We are now well-rehearsed in controlling movement through the salon, Treatment rooms are booked out alternately, so ensuring that there is sufficient time to disinfect and air each room well in-between use. For this reason I am no longer sending out texts to let you know when it's safe to enter the salon.


If you or a loved one remains anxious about being out in public remember that we are open for health and beauty treatments most evenings plus Sundays, when the rest of the salon is much quieter or closed.


Skin Focus -

Mesotherapy for Hair Loss

Coming June 2021

30% of women under 40 will experience hair loss, increasing to over 50% of women over the age of 65.


I introduced facial micro-needling (AKA collagen induction therapy) and meso-therapy (injections of vitamins, enzymes, hormones, stem cells and plant extracts) last year and it's been a proven winner for improving skin health, texture and appearance.

Next month hair loss mesotherapy will be added to our list of services. This is a cutting edge stem cell therapy treatment.

Click the pic to read on...


Skin Focus -

Fusion's Hyaluronic Acid

I continue to get rave reviews about how this serum is improving skin hydration

£4.95 (100ml)

Ask for your free sample when you're next in for a facial or skin treatment.

Click photo to

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Massage Corner 

- Indian Head Massage

This treatment doesn't involve dressing up as an Indian squaw nor does it involve dancing around a client chanting to the gods of stress relief.


This seated massage treatment has been adapted from traditional Asian Indian family scalp massage where grandmothers would take care of their grandchildrens' hair using nourishing oils and plenty of stimulating massage to promote healthy hair growth (a cherished sign of health) and maintain health by balancing chakras (energy flow).

Europeans adapted the treatment for an incredibly deep, stimulating and stress relieving treatment. It fast became a favourite of people who didn't want to get undressed or climb on a treatment couch for a massage, or wanted to be able to pop to see their massage therapist for a lunchtime quick fix.

I was fortunate to train in this treatment in London in the 1990's when it was still in its early years of development; when healers travelled from India to England to share their traditions.

If you've never had a massage before or if you're shy about taking your clothes off for a massage - this is for you.

Fusion offers 20min and 40min Indian head massage sessions. During this seated treatment the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face are massaged using a blend of oils tailored to your needs. 

Book your own Indian head massage or treat someone who could do with some deep relaxation therapy.... 


Mental Health Awareness

It's Mental Health Awareness week

10th - 16th May.

Check out 

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