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Fusion Hair Removal Services

Warm / Hot Wax - Temporary Hair Removal

Brow, Lip or Chin  £8

Nasal hairs £8

Lip & chin   £12

Sides of face & chin   £12

½ leg   £16

Full leg   £24

Bikini   £16 - £20

Underarm   £12

Back or Chest   £26


Sugaring Temporary Hair Removal - For Sensitive Skins, over varicose veins and eczema sufferers

Brow, Lip or Chin  £10

Lip & chin   £15

Sides of face & chin  £15

½ leg   £20

Full leg   £30

Back or Chest  £30

Suitable for all areas of the body where a small number of hairs require removal

Permanent hair removal.

Get rid of those pesky random hairs that appear and have you nipping at your skin with tweezers.

The treatment uses a mild form of heat to damage the hair root so that the hair grows finer and eventually stops growing.


  £20 / 20 mins

We recommend booking a free skin consultation prior to commencing treatment.

Multiple treatments may be required.               

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