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August 2021 blog

It's been hot hot hot in the salon. The heated treatment couches have been turned down and I've had my wall fan on full speed for most of July. Whilst the poor hairdressing team are sweltering with dryers in hand, our downstairs treatment rooms have been a sanctuary for getting away from the heat.

I've been reading about how we're set to see a new trend in stripping back the multitude of ingredients in our beauty and skin products. I'm feeling quite proud that Fusion's been ahead of 'the game' regarding this - I've been saying for a long time that many products (both high end and high-street brands) have so many ingredients that adverse skin reactions and long-term sensitivity are becoming more common.

August's update is full of tips and goodies to spoil yourself with. Find out about skin purging, ease your upper back tension, meet the latest member of the Fusion team, stock up on some skin care through our online shop and book a treat. A perfect excuse to put your feet up for half an hour.

Enjoy and we'll see you very soon 

Lisa x

Massage / Skin therapy /

Facial muscle lifting / 

Hair loss treatment / 

Nail strengthening /

Blemish removal / 

Pedicure / Waxing /

Lash & Brow lifting & tinting / Microneedling / Skin peels /

Diabetes foot care (NEW) /

Gel nail extensions and overlays (NEW)


Growing the Fusion Family

We are delighted to introduce Viktoriya who is a foot health practitioner, qualified through the Institute of Chiropodist and Podiatrists.


Viktoriya is available Thursdays and Fridays for all your foot health concerns and also offers nails treatments:​

  • Gel nail extensions

  • Builder Gel nails to provide hard protective covering for your natural nails

  • Manicure

  • Shellac / Gel nails and removal

  • Foot Health Services including:

       -  Diabetes foot health service

       - Foot strapping /padding

       - Fungal foot and nail treatment

       - Callus and corn removal

  • Pedicure

  • Reflexology

Call, message or click Viktoriya's photo to book your appointment online...


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August Offers

  • Mouth watering chocolate lime body exfoliation (only available till end of Aug)

  • Free nail art when booking a manicure with Viktoriya on Thurs/Fri

  • 25% off clinical LED light therapy £18.75 - for spot prone /inflammed skin / weak skin / anti-aging

  • Free microcurrent muscle lifting eye treatment with any facial service booked for August

Click the pic to book online

AUG promo_edited.png

Fusion's online store

The second addition to Fusion's in-house formulated skin care. Kiss it Better skin healer is a tiny pot of magic which promotes softening and repair of skin that is struggling to heal itself.

Safe for use on irritated skin, dermatitis and eczema, this tiny tub of goodness can even be applied to the eye area and lips.

It simply calms and softens... but amazingly well so that your own skin is able to do its job of repairing itself.

Ingredients include: azulene and paraffin

Introductory price: £3.75 (5ml) 

Message us, pick one up from the salon or click pic' to order online...


Skin Focus - Skin Purging

So you’ve had a new facial or started using a new skin product and within a day or two you notice your skin feels uneven and maybe looks worse than before. You may have had an adverse reaction but if we look more closely at what’s happening in your skin it’s more likely your skin is 'purging'.


Skin purging occurs when a product or process speeds up skin cell reproduction and can lead to tiny open or closed lumps that usually appear as white heads. Ingredients such as retinoids (vitamin A), Hydroxy-acids, chemical peels and micro-needling can prompt skin to purge. It can last from as little as 4 days to 6 weeks but on average is two weeks. You can continue to use the products or treatment as purging occurs only in the initial stages of your skin being exposed to new things.


Whilst skin purging isn’t necessarily an adverse reaction and can be seen as a positive thing, care needs to be taken to avoid the skin having a breakout of spots due to the purging. Avoid anything aggressive (such as exfoliators) or over-stimulating on your skin while your skin rebalances and avoid touching and picking at the skin. If your skin was irritated or weak before the purging you should look to use products that contain ceramides and hyaluronic acid in a non-oily base. Salon LED treatment can also be highly beneficial during recovery.


Some treatments actually work through purging so it’s important to understand that it can be part and parcel of getting the best results for your skin.


If you have any concerns about your skin get in touch or book a skin consultation (free of charge) to get some honest transparent guidance.

Clinical grade LED treatment also available (see this month's special offers)

Click to book online...


Massage Corner -
Rhomboid Muscles &
Upper Back Pain

I see the same issues coming into the treatment room on a regular basis and over the next few months I'm going to address some of the most common complaints, the potential causes and what you can do to help your muscles and joints get back into shape.


This month I’m focusing on the rhomboid muscles, found between your shoulder blades. These pesky blighters, when damaged, are responsible for a lot of upper back problems. The most common symptom of rhomboid issues is discomfort between the shoulder blades or just above, towards the top of the back.

If you’ve been asked you to pop your hand behind your back during a back massage your therapist will be addressing rhomboid muscle tension. Massage is one of the best treatments for rhomboid damage especially if it includes infrared or heat treatment, but must only be applied once any initial inflammation has reduced.


Click the pic to read more about causes, symptoms and what you can do to help th ehealing process....

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