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April 2021 blog

We've finally been given the go-head to come out of hibernation!


We are delighted that we can re-open and we are taking bookings now for dates from 12th Aprilso feel free to get in touch to arrange your next appointment.


Thanks for your patience during these difficult times. This winter has been particularly hard for Fusion and we've definitely felt the effects of this lockdown more so than previous lockdowns. Here's hoping that we've all reached a turning point and can begin to look forward to the rest of this year with a lot more positivity.

If you've reached out to order vouchers or retail products, or even to just say "hi" - thank you so very much. You have continued to make a difference to not only our financial health, but also our mental health. 

I've been using the downtime to get the first of Fusion's very own in-house skin care products packaged and have been completing further amazing therapy training​ which will lead to some exciting new treatments being introduced over the coming months.

Looking forward to seeing you again

Lisa x


Fusion on YouTube

I'm in the process of uploading some revamped videos for massage students.


Why not take advantage of our You-Tube channel and learn a few massage techniques for yourself? New videos are being added every few weeks so hit the subscribe button to get learning.

Search 'Fusion Southport' on YouTube (or just click on photo below)


Skin Focus -

Fusion's Hyaluronic Acid

If there’s a hyaluronic product out there you can bet I’ve tried it and (as ever) have been disappointed by the off-the-shelf versions being sold as magical solutions for skin problems. Professional ranges (available through aesthetic and dermatology clinics) containing quality hyaluronic acid are highly effective, but usually sold at ridiculously high prices.

After hundreds of hours of research, testing and trialing on real clients, I am so excited by the final hyaluronic acid serum that I’ve produced. The serum absorbs into your skin, holding moisture within the upper layers and with repeated use you will start to see those fine lines caused by long-term dehydration improve. This serum is suitable for every skin type, even for sensitive skin. It can be used all over the face (including eye lids), neck, décolleté and body and can improve healing of dry skin rashes as seen in eczema and dermatitis. 

Click photo to read on...

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Gift e-Vouchers

Fusion offers traditional vouchers (available directly from the salon) and

e-vouchers which can be ordered anytime through the website.

Click image for a video about

Fusion e-vouchers and how to order


Covid-19 related news

The events of the past 12 months have been turmoil for myriad businesses, but the hair and beauty industry has been one of the most severely affected.

At the beginning of January it was reported that 4,578 UK salons have closed since the start of the pandemic. It’s a shocking, yet sadly unsurprising figure when you consider the overwhelming disregard the Government has demonstrated for our industry since the first lockdown in March 2020.

The UK Government is allowing salons to re-open on 12th April as part of step 2 of their 'road map'.


I want to reassure you that all realistic precautions will continue to be used to maintain yours and our safety, during your visits. 


Massage Corner - Massage pressure myths

Massage therapists' work often gets compared according to the depth of pressure they can achieve in their treatments, but does pressure really matter?


Everyone has their own personal preference for the perfect level of pressure used in their massage service and after more than 20 years in the business I know that clients vote with their feet when they're dissatisfied with the pressure they’ve received.

Myths about massage pressure


#1 Deep tissue massage is the deepest massage service

Wrong! Deep tissue massage is a term referring to treatment of deep seated muscle and joint problems. To get treatment deep enough the amount of surface pressure often makes no difference. Your therapist may need to use sound therapy or vibrational therapy which involves little or no pressure at all.


#2 Deep pressure is essential to get a good detox from your massage

Incorrect. Whilst massage therapy is fantastic for detox and cellulite reduction, your body relies on a network called the lymphatic system to effectively remove waste products from your body. This system is sensitive to external pressure and will actually slow down if excessive pressure is applied to the skin. This is the reason professional therapists apply hardly any pressure when treating swellings, using skin brushes or applying detox treatments.

#3 The longer the pressure is applied, the better pain reduction.

Untrue. If you've ever suffered with muscle/nerve pain you'll probably know that pressing on the affected area can numb it, but that's very temporary. Deep pressure on very specific points of the body (trigger, motor or acupressure points) will bring about pain reduction but care must be taken not to apply pressure for more than about a  minute, as the brain will then initiate an inflammation response which can cause further pain. If you have a therapist that works with you, checking how pressure is affecting your pain levels in specific areas - that's a really good sign that they are well trained in pain management.

Ultimately 'good pressure' can be an intense sensation that just feels right somehow. It’s strong, but it’s welcome. Good pressure dulls pain during treatment and leaves you with a satisfied aching that alleviates within a day or two.

In need of a body service? Click the pic to book online or message us

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April Offers

Giving you an excuse to treat yourself

Galvanic facial - Deep hydration and skin strengthening treatment £40 (45-60min)

Infra-red Light Therapy for no-touch treatment of aches and pains £10 (20min)


Detox' auricular (ear) acupuncture or ear seeding for detox' or stress management £10

These offers are available for treatments received before the end of Apr 2021

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